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                            AN INTERVIEW WITH KATE LUTTER

I:  Tell us about Wild Point IslandIs it a non fiction or an historical novel?   It is a romance . . .

K: Wild Point Island is not an historical novel.  Nor is it meant to be a fact based history, detailing what happened 400 years ago when English settlers were left to fend for themselves on the island of Roanoke and the mother ship returned to England.  If you want to read a good, concise account of the Lost Colony of Roanoke, which some call the greatest mystery of all time, I suggest you read the account in Wikipedia.  If you really want to get into it, I’ve given you a link below to the National Park Service, a government website, which includes a number of primary sources. BUT if you want romance and adventure, read Wild Point Island.

I:   So this is pure fantasy on your part?

K: Wild Point Island is my answer to the question–What if?  What if the settlers left Roanoke where there was no food and no water and where they were, most likely, under attack and set off for another location–an island in Pamlico Sound–and there found a plant to eat–the Euphorbia Candelabra.  And what if they ate that plant and discovered that they were changed physiologically into what I call revenants–ones who come back from the dead.  They were granted immortality, but at a price.  They lost their freedom to leave the island they had discovered.  Their ‘found paradise’ quickly became a prison.  Their ‘immortality’ a life sentence.

I:    So in the novel, the settlers become revenants?

K:   Exactly.  But that’s already happened.  400 years before the story begins.

I:   This island–Wild Point Island–does it really exist?

K:  That’s a tough question to answer.  Humans can’t see it.  Only revenants can.  Or half and halves, like Ella and Lily. I like to call it a mythical island.

I:  Do revenants really exist?  I mean, do you believe in them?  Should we believe in them?  I would like to meet Simon Viccars. 

K:  Ah, ha.  Wouldn’t we all.

I:  You haven’t answered the question.

K:  Okay.  You hear stories everyday of people who report having near death experiences.  Seeing the white light.  That’s what happened to the revenants.  They went as far as possible along that life/death line and then came back.  Yes, I do believe that’s possible.  Do you believe in ghosts?

I:  Actually I do believe in ghosts.

K:  What about witches and vampires and spirits?

I:    I don’t know.  I’m not sure.

K:  That’s the question you need to ask yourself.

I:  I guess I should keep an open mind.

K: Always a good idea in my opinion . . .


Ella and Lily's House on Wild Point Island

Ella and Lily’s House on Wild Point Island


             The interior of the Blue Dolphin Inn on Wild Point Island.


The only known photo of Simon Viccars, taken by Lily, about a mile off shore.



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