As a commercial fiction writer, I confess every story I tell reaches561585_342602989168644_440134389_n into the past. I remember old photo albums, black and white movies, the tales my uncles and aunts tell of the times when they were growing up on the farm in upper state New York or when they lived in the working class neighborhoods of New Jersey—all these stories were magical.

            I treasured the story of someone finding a box in an attic filled with love letters that should have been burned, but no one had the heart to destroy them. Or the story of someone discovering a football in a cellar from a winning game played in 1925, signed by all the players on the team, and the ball was still inflated because it was shellacked 50 years ago to preserve the memory.

            In our own way, we all strive to preserve memories. We delight when we can reach out and touch the past.

            I write to send a shiver up a spine or a wisp of regret through a soul. I want you to yearn for those days long past, to remember those people who have left us. Bittersweet memories tinged with regret.

             I am an old soul and this is my website. Stroll around. 

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shutterstock_27614059to die yet again, she returns home, determined to talk him out of it, not expecting her grandfather to share his journal and the secret he’s been keeping to convince her to help him make the long journey home. It’s the first short story I’ve written, and it’s free. My way of thanking you for visiting.

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